Dott. Francesco Nanti

Management Consultant

I have a strong and consolidated experience in providing administrative and managerial assistance. Thought a step by step process, the entrepreneur is supported in the achievement of shared goals through the finding of the right solution to financial, legal and managerial problems/controversies.


I graduated in Economic and Management.

Important work experience

I have been working for eleven years in professional firms and in the world of business services. After an internship as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor at a very famous firm in Padua, I was an employee and then managing partner of companies specialized in administrative support and managerial support for business. I have been a consultant here at Studio Novus for five years. Here i could fully develop my knowledge and experience regarding the business environment of the Italian north-east directly contributing to national corporate transaction. i have gained experience in order to provided continuous support to the administration of first-rate business realities of our territory. I offer my support also in business planning and in preparing the generational handover.

Particular Skills

I specialized in administrative and management consulting. supported by the skills offered by Studio Novus, i coordinate my work with the intervention of professional figures in order to unburden the entrepreneur and the management from the organization of operational interventions. i offer to every client the support they need during both the initial start-up phase and the long-length life of the company, assisting them with the experience of an entrepreneur and the knowledge of a professional figure.

  • Training activities of employees in specific areas of interest.
  • Specific consulting activities for ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions involving employees


Administrative Consulting

Analysis of the matter and business needs, preparation of adequate and sustainable solutions, continuous support to administrative offices in the management and tax areas.

Accounting consulting

Administrative department support service in the accounting field.

Management Control

Control activities on management through the analysis of data, procedures and the preparation of working methods.


Consulting and support activities during negotiations and company evaluations, consolidated experience in supporting choices and managing extraordinary operations.

Professional Coordination

Assistance in controlling projects and planning on behalf of the company, thought the coordination of professional figures and providers, for a shared goals

Tax Consulting

Ordinary, tax and ongoing tax assistance and advice also on issues of particular complexity.