Dott.ssa Alessia Schiavon

Chartered Accountant – Tax Auditor,
Financial Consultant.

I’m a Chartered Accountant, Tax Auditor and professional financial consultant, specialized in tax and corporate affairs. I offer support to the economic and financial area of companies and assist the company in the tax and accounting field. l provide consultancy services to companies on corporate matters, including extraordinary transactions, in tax matters and real estate contracts. I also teach in the tax and corporate sector.


I’m graduated in Economics.

Professional Register

I’m a professional registered and accredited to the Professional Financial Consultants (COFIP) with the following professional qualifications: Banking Documental Accreditation, management of Business Model through the system Be Cube Balance Score; Risk Management through the system Be Cube Central Rosks Stress Test; Orientation in Crowdfounding; Assesment of the business model through the system Be Cube Professional Storytelling, Financial Professional Consultancy.

Relevant work experiences

I’ve matured important experiences in financial and tax consultancy following many types of companies in the venetian area, also running ordinary and extraordinary corporate operations. I’m also offering experience and assistance in succession field.

Specific skills

I specialize in e-commerce activities and provide assistance to companies on the online marketplace. I have an extensive knowledge of online marketing.



Finding the more profitable tax and contributory facilitations for the company, putting at the disposal the financial instruments wich are the most suitable for their development. Filling out tax records, supporting in the relationship with the Public Administration. Ordinary fiscal assistance, tax assistance and consulting activity about complicated fields.

Administration and Accounting

Managing of ordinary accounting, simplified accounting, professionals with compulsory accounting books and administrative services.

Corporate field

Assistance in formation of the company, of branches and of the rapresentation of abroad companies and in the creation of Start Up. Drafting of the company balances (financial statements?) and consilideted balances. Extraordinary society transactions as transactions on the share capital, corporate transformations, mergers, divisions,contributions and sale of company and of company shares.